// 1977 _ HI-FI _ MADE IN ITALY

". . . the first production area was HIgh FIdelity, where aesthetics, lines, finishes and great know-how contribute in a decisive way to the commercial success of each of our products."

Tailored HI-FI made in Italy since 1977.

Specialized in precision-milled HI-FI productions, computer case, sound amplification and electromedical projects.

Since 1977 HI-FI 2000 has been focused on the planning and realization of cases for electronic equipment with a high degree of finishing. Because of our passion for music, our first area of production was the high fidelity, where the appearance and the finishing grab your attention and contribute to the commercial success of every product.

High speed CNC milling, bending, galzing, finishing applications and personalized digital printing, we are able to produce any customized project, in series and with accessories; with 100% quality guarantee.


The management and planning of logistic processes are of great importance for our company and we deal directly with the supply, repository, storage and final distribution of the products in the sale phase, and returns after sales. Our integrated logistics policy is based on the optimization of all processes in order to reduce time and make services more efficient.

Inbound management regarding storage, managing relations with suppliers and verifying stocks of raw materials and pieces.
Internal management in sorting operations of materials, staff or information within the respective departments in order to allow regular production.
Distribution management of products and related transport.
Post-sales re-entry management of returns.

We carry out quick shipments 24H / 48H after receipt of the order throughout the national and international territory by courier and express service.
The technical office deals with specific requests and quotes, relating to custom orders, manufacturing, construction, assembly and design of the cases. Specialized in 2D / 3D technical drawing of mechanical parts and processing of CAD-CAM files.

Executive management and development of the product, starting from the creative briefing and customer indications. Analysis of possibilities and technical solutions in synergy with suppliers and other company departments, approving their specifications.

Thanks to our official supplier Modula.eu we have a double automatic vertical-lift warehouse system, one of the most reliable and advanced on the market.

This type of repository and storage allows us to reorganize and improve the workflow and specific picking by tracing and coding every single product and accessory in and out with great clarity, simplicity, safety in operation, cleanliness and speed of use. (and maximum space optimization)
Our administrative office is always in constant communication between buyers, suppliers and managers of the different company functions, available for tax and commercial questions relating to payments, bills, invoices, shipments, data and personal registry, and accounting management of orders and documents.

Customer care and after-sales assistance, on products and services, in managing any problems or dysfunctionality, always ready to provide quick and proactive solutions; the satisfaction of every single customer is our first requirement.

100% products guaranteed

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