Standard (and more) elements, inserts and components to HI-CUstomize user experience, projects and functionalities of your HI-FI 2000 case and container.

<a <li><a href="#"><b>DRILLED BASE</b></a></li></a></a>

Models of internal base made of pre-galvanized iron with perforated grid already on measure (thickness 15/10). Free assembly with positioning on sliding guides created inside the aluminium sides. Standard hole with diameter 4 mm with a step of 10 mm one from the other.

<a <li><a href="https://modushop.biz/site/index.php?route=product/category&path=310"><b>HANDLES</b></a></li></a></a>
2U / 3U / 4U / 5U

Series of milled aluminium HANDLES with black and silver anodization specifically designed for assembly on cases' front panel. The handles are suitable to give besides aesthetics, a remarkable mechanical strength. The two supporting shoulders are made of solid aluminum (10 mm thick) with hand brushing finish plains and edges both. Availability of flat aluminium handles set 20 x 5 mm satin and oxidized black/white with 4 aluminium spacers 10mm diameter and 16mm length turned and oxidized, 4 screws M4x35 flared head with hexagonal notch and related nuts.

<a <li><a href="https://modushop.biz/site/index.php?route=product/category&path=309"><b>ROUND HANDLE</b></a></li></a></a>
2U / 3U / 4U / 5U

Series of ROUND HANDLE (diameter 8 mm) of chrome-plated steel with black rubber cover suitable to give in addition to aesthetics, a remarkable mechanical strength. Sets are composed of pairs including 2 black PVC wrap-around washers and 4 M4x14 screws for fixing.

<a <li><a href="https://modushop.biz/site/index.php?route=product/category&path=312"><b>TURNED HANDLES</b></a></li></a></a>

Series of TURNED aluminium HANDLES and knobs with black oxidation finish or silver chrome plating. Standard 24.5 mm and 39.5 mm diameter (hole for shaft diameter 6 mm with clamping thread).

<a <li><a href="https://modushop.biz/site/index.php?route=product/category&path=313"><b>ANTI-VIBRATION FEET</b></a></li></a></a>

Series of uplifting feet ideal to decoupling the appliances from the support plane thus eliminating vibrations that could be captured and amplified by the nearby equipment. Available in turned aluminium with black oxidized finish, silver chrome plastic, and rubberized plastic. The central part is composed of special yielding gum with M5 pin drowned internally while the terminal part in plastic material and scratch-resistant felt. The standard dimensions are 42 mm external diameter while the height 20 mm excluding pin (6.5 mm).

<a <li><a href="https://hifi2000.shop/site/en/catalogue/slim-line"><b>SLIM LINE</b></a></li></a></a>

Individual standard elements suited and designed throughout the series.

<a <li><a href="https://hifi2000.shop/site/en/catalogue/pesante"><b>PESANTE</b></a></li></a></a>

Individual standard elements suited and designed throughout the series.

<a <li><a href="https://hifi2000.shop/site/en/catalogue/dissipante"><b>DISSIPANTE</b></a></li></a></a>

Individual standard elements suited and designed throughout the series.

<a <li><a href="https://hifi2000.shop/site/en/catalogue/mini-dissipante"><b>MINI DISSIPANTE</b></a></li></a></a>

Individual standard elements suited and designed throughout the series.

<a <li><a href="https://hifi2000.shop/site/en/catalogue/galaxy"><b>GALAXY</b></a></li></a></a>

Individual standard elements suited and designed throughout the series.

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