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Ideal for telecommunications sector, decoder, satellite receivers, hi-fi.

SLIM LINE is represented by a series of products defined by a high grade of finishing and are available in 4 different heights and depths. Thanks to its practical and functional design, it high-levels any projects that the case will contain. Ideal for telecommunications sector, decoder, satellite receivers, hi-fi, etc... Both on the front and in the back the fastening holes are milled at 45° this allows the flared head screw to align with the front wire. The two sides are aluminium profiles (10 mm) that can absolve small heat dissipations. (Internal width between the two sides is 415 mm)

1 Unit (H40)


2 Units (H80)


3 Units (H120)


4 Units (H165)

4 mm thick aluminium front brushed and oxidized silver or black with pointed borders and slightly rounded edges.
3 mm thick aluminium background brushed and black oxidized with hole for V.D.E. tray having dimensions 27.5x20 mm with hole distance 40 mm (only for 1U container).
Iron lids (1 mm thick) painted gritty black scratch-resistant with fixing holes for flared head screw.
White pre-galvanized iron counter-front available as optional (cod.01/08). Sides in shaped aluminium profile (thickness 10 mm) black oxidized.
Availability of internal base, supplied separately (cod.01/05) which is fixed on the side sides with minimum height from the lower lid, on which to fix the components. This allows the complete disassembly of the two lids, for inspections or any repairs.
Availability of milled aluminium front (thickness 10 mm) with width 450 mm (free of rack fins) in silver and black colors.

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