Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.



Modular components, wide load capacity and large dissipation, ideal for the most elaborate projects that require versatility, performance and structural robustness.

MONOBLOCK is a case designed so that you can have the main structure with aluminium sides (3mm) removable and replaceable with heatsinks mountable from the outside. The internal self-supporting frame and the internal assembly nuts allow greater precision in assembly and combinations, making it easier to access the internal components and leaving the structure of the container unaltered. Ideal for more elaborate projects that require versatility, performance and structural robustness.

4 Units (H165)

The case is available in 3 different configurations: 2 heatsinks on one side and an aluminium plate on the other side; 4 heatsinks (two heatsinks per side) and no aluminum plate; no heatsink and two aluminum plates per side.
For the model with 2 heatsinks on one side, a longer front is mounted covering the entire surface of the self-supporting structure and the heatsink' side while for the other two models the front panel is shorter and covers only the frame.
All three models include a solid, pre-forated internal base to support high loads weighing up to 30 KG.
Flared screws in line with the lid for a clean and relief-free aesthetic design.
INTERNAL 159 230 400
EXTERNAL 165 310 410
FACEPLATE (long/short) 165/165 280/243 10/10
HEATSINKS 2 black anodized aluminum heatsinks per side (deep 200mm; thick 40mm)
SIDE PANELS Black anodized aluminium (3mm)
COVERS Black anodized aluminium (3mm)
FRONT PANEL Black/white anodized aluminium (10mm)
REAR PANEL Black anodized aluminium (3mm)

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